Dear Community, 

I have a need of communicating with other servers using private IP with private IP in Via and SDP connection information but at same time sometime need connect to public IP SIP server and on outgoing INVITE's i need advertise public IP in Record-Route and SDP Connection information.

Currently if i work on listen=udp:privateip:5060 i get working the LAN part but cannot work over internet (no audio) but when i add advertise i get SDP public IP also over local network.

Is it possible to solve this case using one NIC adapter?
I am using RTPProxy.

Please help me out. I tried to add second network adapter with advertise and mhomed=1 something started to work but i think i would need work on the call direction and different rtpproxy_manage handling on outside INVITEs and incoming 200 OK responses.

I am not sure if this is  the right way to do it - maybe there is some easier method of achieving what i need using one interface ?

Best regards,