i'm wondering if there is any support of uaCSTA in openser (planned)?
i'm just working on the integration of asterisk (*) environment to OCS 2007 environment, having openSER in the middle (mainly for TCP/UDP translation and smoothing out the protocol deficienes on both sides). in this setup the * having the openSER in front is talking to the OCS (and vice versa) via the OCS mediation server, which is moreorless sending standard SIP messages, which enables normal softphone (integration to *) of the office communicator. this configuration is already working... 
now i'm planning to go for the CTI integration, where there is no OCS mediation server in between OCS and openSER, doing the translation of SIP/CSTA to SIP. i'm thinking about using openSER for this task, that's why i'm looking for a CSTA module or perl programm, which is capable of this functionality.
afaik for the CTI communication there isn't the full complexity of CSTA needed, just a subset mainly for call setup and call clearing.
anyone having experience on this topic?
thx & cheers
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