Hi Daniel-Constantin

Thanks for your response.

Yes we are using Kamailio v4.4.x in production. In case we cant upgrade to 5.x right now would there an alternative work around for this?

Thanks again

On Thu, May 2, 2019 at 10:07 AM Daniel-Constantin Mierla <miconda@gmail.com> wrote:


are you using Kamailio v4.4.x? If yes, can you try with a newer version to be sure we do not hunt an issue that was already fixed? At this moment 5.2.x and 5.1.x are maintained branches.


On 01.05.19 13:51, Phillman25 Kyriacou wrote:
Dear List

I have an issue with topoh module.

Specifically for in-dialog requests, if the encoded uri is altered i.e. initial encoded contact uri is

and UAS sends an in-dialog INVITE like this adding tgrp and user=phone:

Kamailio cant seem to match/decode this and responds "404 Not Found"

I have also set:
modparam("topoh", "uri_prefix_checks", 0)

As specified here:

But still doesn't work. Is there a bug with this module?

# ====================================================
# ================ TOPOLOGY HIDING ===================
# ====================================================
modparam("topoh", "mask_key", "secret")
modparam("topoh", "mask_ip", "X.X.X.X")
modparam("topoh", "mask_callid", 0)
modparam("topoh", "uparam_name", "line")
modparam("topoh", "uparam_prefix", "sr-")
modparam("topoh", "vparam_name", "branch")
modparam("topoh", "vparam_prefix", "z9hG4bKsr-")
modparam("topoh", "uri_prefix_checks", 0)

Thanks in advance for your support

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