Hi Richard, 

last time I saw something with tcp window problems was an problem with incompatible systems that didn't handle this well (for example SMTP servers, Helo works, sending not). 

You can AFAIK only adjust that on your Linux system via sysctl. 

Richard Robson <richard@rikrobson.co.uk> schrieb am Mi., 20. Okt. 2021, 18:01:
I'm trying in vain to get a tls connection to  a carrier.

~Without too much detail we are exchanging certificates and they are
saying we are triggering a reset of the connection because we are
requesting to chage the tcp window size.

there are requiring us to have a window size of 65535. there we are
sending a smaller window size. as far as I understand this should be OK.
I have tried to force out linux install to set the window size to 65535
but we are still sing the smallerwindow in the tcp packet.

Is there any settings in Kamailio that could force the window size? we
are using Kamailio 5.4.2

Thanks in advance Richard

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