are you still using mem_join=1?


On 11/24/13 10:01 AM, Uri Shacked wrote:


It has been a while.

Still, I have some problems with reloading data into shared memory.

I can obviously notice that there is always an increase of shmem after each reload.


When my system starts, it has 4G of memory reserved and approximately 0.8G is populated at start.


After 30 days, when reloading 15-25 times per day only part of the 0.8G, the shmem size is approximately 3.5G.


As I mentioned before, the traffic does not seems to be the issue. How do I, or can I, check the size of memory occupied by traffic only?


Any ideas how to handle the reloads?


I am using kamailio 3.3.2 with modules like ACC, DIALOG, CARRIERROUTE and more….






On Sun, Mar 3, 2013 at 7:36 PM, Uri Shacked <ushacked@gmail.com> wrote:


I have this memory issue again.

The status now is that I compiled kamailio as followed here and use mem_join=1.

I reload my data from DB every minute! I know i reload a lot, will take care of that (will update you all on April :-)).

When kamailio starts the shmem is about 17% of 4Gb and after 7 days (600 reloads per day) the shmem is about 24%.

The traffic is not the issue.

Still, can defrag of memory improve? Ideas for defrag?



On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 12:37 PM, Uri Shacked <ushacked@gmail.com> wrote:

>>ok - it's 56sec or 36sec?
It was 56 sec.
Now, after recompile, when cfg mem_join=0 the reload takes 8 sec and the shmem real used is 25% of 4Gb.
When mem_join=, the reload take 30 sec and the shmem real used is 17%.
Looks good with mem_join=1.

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