Hi Zodiac,

1. Can you see your configured rtp node on: "kamctl fifo nh_show_rtpp all" ?
2. Can you ngrep the commands being sent by kamailio to rtpengine?(on both kamailio and rtpengine machine)
3. Do you have some firewalling rules that may block that 7723 port?


On 21.12.2015 17:45, Zodiac wrote:
Dear friends,
I am working on a program on Kamailio and rtpengine proxy. I am wondering whether can I set Kamailio and rtpengine daemon on different physical machines. For example, I set Kamailio on a machine with IP address:, and launch rtpengine daemon on another machine with interface parameter as and ng port 7723. I set parameter in Kamailio.cfg with modparam(“rtpengine”, “rtpengine_sock”, “udp:”).

Unfortunately I got debug message like this:

ERROR: rtpengine [rtpengine.c:1710]: send_rtpp_command(): can't send command to a RTP proxy

ERROR: rtpengine [rtpengine.c:1746]: send_rtpp_command(): proxy <udp:> does not respond, disable it

ERROR: rtpengine [rtpengine.c:1616]: rtpp_test(): proxy did not respond to ping

And, I also tried to set Kamailio and rtpengine daemon in a same machine,and use modparam(“rtpengine”, “rtpengine_sock”, “udp:localhost:7723”). And Kamailio can work functionally under this situation. rtpengine daemon can receive ping message from Kamailio and rtpengine daemon can work as suspected. So for the later case, is it supposed that Kamailio be in the same machine with same localhost address? Otherwise, what’s the reason for my ERROR?

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