Hi Benoit

Are you connecting to mysql?

We had similar sounding issues and adding this to kamailio.cfg made a difference
modparam( "db_mysql", "opt_ssl_mode", 1 )

On Fri, 20 Oct 2023 at 11:56, Benoît Panizzon via sr-users <sr-users@lists.kamailio.org> wrote:
Hi Gang

I just updated our dev plattform from 5.6 to 5.7

5.5 was working fine with TLS under Ubuntu Focal.
5.6 under Jammy started to dump cores.
5.7 still shows the same behaviour, usually shortly after a restart.

Oct 20 09:45:01 dev-cpereg01 kamailio[11925]: CRITICAL: <core> [core/mem/q_malloc.c:519]: qm_free(): BUG: freeing already freed pointer (0x7f1bb0dd4bd8), called from tls: tls_init.c: ser_free(405), first free tls: tls_init.c: ser_free(405) - ignoring
Oct 20 09:45:11 dev-cpereg01 kamailio[11905]: ALERT: <core> [main.c:776]: handle_sigs(): child process 11924 exited by a signal 11
Oct 20 09:45:11 dev-cpereg01 kamailio[11905]: ALERT: <core> [main.c:779]: handle_sigs(): core was generated

Could anyone point me the correct direction on how to fix this issue?

Am I the only one seeing this issue?

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