El Wednesday 19 December 2007 13:20:07 I?aki Baz Castillo escribi?:
> El Wednesday 19 December 2007 13:15:35 David Villasmil Govea escribi?:
> > What's the difference between
> >
> > setbflag and setflag
> > ??
> http://www.openser.org/dokuwiki/doku.php/utils:flags

Note that if you use setbflag into a "route" you set the bflag for ALL the
branches (there could be more than one branch because pararell forking and

If you want to set bflag just for a branch you should use "setbflag"
into "branch_route".

And NEVER do "isbflagset" into a "route" since the result can be unexpectable
(if a branch has that bflag active and other one not active, "isbflagset"
in "route" could return 1 or 0 depending on which branch examinates before).

I ask, because i had this cfg file that was working perfectly with nat/rtpproxy. I replace it with a new cfg that was using bflag instead of flag. client-rtpproxy-client rtps stopped working. When i replace those bflags with regular flags it started working again!...

Also, as i read there, "per branch" means each location... talking about location, is there a reason a client would have 98 almost exactly alike locations? but for the id, they're the same... weird. And i started seeing lots of "max branch exceeded" on the syslog. We do not limit branches because a client could have his softphone and ata logged in...

thanks a lot