it looks like the pkg summary is made by the main kamailio process which doesn't route sip packets at runtime, therefore it doesn't expose any potential leak.

Can you add following snipped at beginning of the request_route:

if(is_method("OPTIONS") && src_ip==TRUSTEDIP && $rU=="pkgsummary") {
   sl_send_reply("200", "ok");

You need to replace TRUSTEDIP with the IP address from where you will send a SIP OPTIONS later.

After you restart kamailio, let it run for a while until you see the pkg decreasing enough.

Then send OPTIONS request via sipsak:

sipsak -s sip:pkgsummary@yourserverip

Check the syslog to see if the pkg summary messages are there and if yes, send them here.

If not, you may need to decrease the value for memlog, do:

kamcmd cfg.set_now_int core memlog 1

and then run again the sipsak command.


On 11/11/15 07:17, Julia Boudniatsky wrote:
We are running Kamailio 4.2.6 ( db77ac) compiled with memory debugging.
The free PKG memory has decreased on ~6.5 M after two weeks.
Please see attached file with the log messages at kamailio shutdown.
Thank you in advance,


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