you could mirror the SIP traffic also with t_replicate function from the TM module in the cfg.







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Hi Experts.


Need your opinion on below part related to kamailio


I am using SIP Kamailio module Version for the SIP Registrations from the  Client mobile phones using Android and IOS which is Over TLSv1.2 , So in nutshell the SIP Signaling is TLS version 1.2 encrypted and Customer is requesting for the forward of the  unencrypted SIP signaling messages especially the SIP Registration messages  to their probe solutions without storing the SIP messages locally in the Kamailio Database


Question  :Would it not be possible for Kamailio   imply “mirror” all the SIP messages related to all SIP REGISTER dialogs (after removing TLS for inbound messages and prior to adding TLS for outbound message) to a designated IP Address and Port?  No need for local database storage.  No need for encapsulation.  No mirroring of other messages/dialogs.