if it appeared without doing any upgrade to the OS, then likely a backend/system you interact with has intervals when it doesn't respond quick enough.

Try to check:

  - a database table where you do insert or query is too big (e.g., acc)
  - dns server

You can enable latency tracking for actions in cofig, see the core cookbook wiki, there are some global parameter with 'latency' in name that should help spotting if there is a particular action in config that is slow:

  * https://www.kamailio.org/wiki/cookbooks/5.1.x/core#latency_cfg_log

If that is not the case, then might be the OS, two days ago or so there was another discussion here about same topic which proved to be due to a faulty kernel.


On 29.08.18 21:29, Daniel W. Graham wrote:

Recently encountered a delay issue, packets arrive on system but Kamailio doesn’t process right away. Here are a few details, any direction on what I can do to narrow down is appreciated.


The receive queue normally sits at 0 or has random spike, when this issue occurs receive queue remains high like the below output.


Version 5.1.5


ss -4 -n -l | grep 5060

udp    UNCONN     321536 0                  *:*        

tcp    LISTEN     0      128                  *:*       




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