Hi ,

I tried to call from one nokia sip (E61 and other models )phone to another nokia sip phone. The call works fine.  The problem comes  only when I call from Phone A to Phone B and then immediately cancel the call(from Phone A).  The Phone  A will hangup the call as it sent CANCEL but the SER will ignore this CANCEL and still send INVITE to Phone B resulting in a ghost call situation.

I tried to capture a log of message and found that Phone A "CANCEL" message is received on SER even before any provisional response from Phone B. Therefor SER doesnot relay this CANCEL request to Phone B. I even checked RFC which clearly says that UAC should not send CANCEL untill it receives any provisional response. I talked to Nokia expert and they said the 100 Trying message from your server is considered as provisional response, therefor behaviour of client is absolutely correct.

Is there any way I can stop 100 Trying message and still run statefull SER, so that I can verify what nokia said. Any ideas suggestions are welcome.

Thanking you all in advance.

Best Regards,
Abdul Qadir

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