I locally generate BYE using dlg_end_dlg. When I want to end a call that is "transport layer" bridged, the BYE is not sent to first hop in route_set but directly to the endpoint. In such BYE there are no Route headers. In non-bridging calls Routes are correctly placed and the message is routed to the first "hop".

When the error happens, this is written to a log:

WARNING: rr [loose.c:821]: after_loose(): no socket found for match second RR

Here ([SR-Users] no socket found for match second RR) I have read this is only a warning, but in my configuration it seriously influences the message routing.

My setup is

phone1( <--TCP--> kamailio1( <--UDP--> kamailio2( <--UDP--> phone2

On kamailio1 I generate dlg_end_dlg and the BYE is sent to phone1 and phone2 directly.

I'm using Kamailio 4.0.4 on Debian machines.

How can I make the Kamailio1 to send the BYE to kamailio2 in the transport layer bridging scenario? Do I have some misconfiguration or this is not a correct behaviour?

Thanks for answer