Hey Andrew,

this can have multiple reasons, I think the way forward is to follow the following document:

In short, recompile kamailio with some extra memory debugging flag, then check where your memory used is going to, then try to explain here what's going on, and if it's a new bug, surely it will be fixed. 

Op za 25 mei 2019 om 21:07 schreef Andrew Chen <achen@fuze.com>:
Hey guys,

Need some help with possible run away memory issue on my 5.1.2 Kamailio.  I noticed I'm getting this memory error from kam logs:

May 24 13:47:52 ashintgtpsg51 /usr/sbin/kamailio[1857]: WARNING: http_client [functions.c:298]: curL_query_url(): Curl library out of memory (url:https://<some url>)

my -m on kamailio startup is currently set to 64 but there is only 1 call going through.

In our check_mk, I noticed the memory usage is ramping up:


What's the cause of this?

Andy Chen
Sr. Telephony Lead Engineer

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