I can see the Kamilio sending redirect but phone does not responce to redirect, is there other way to achive the same ?

Asim Riaz

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Hi All
I am trying to configure Openser as loadblancer for two more Kamailio. I wan loardbalancer not stay in the middle once routed to other kamilio servers.
my first question is, dispathcer list always take IPs or I can configure proxy names as well.
at the moment I am checking the to_uri and then redirecting the traffic to my one of Kamilio on my network, it seems to work fine with Linksys but not other phones e.g polycom xlite or even sjphone.

What does not work? Your failure description is too vague for helping you. Is the redirect response sent but not accepted by the other phones? Try 302. Usually redirects work fine with xlite. Some clients also have a configuration option to allow this.

btw: if you have various different SIP clients I would not rely on using redirect as not all clients behave the same way.


 if(to_uri=~"sip:.+@sip.mydomain.ie <mailto:sip%3A.%2B@sip.mydomain.ie>") {

         ds_select_domain("1", "4");
any suggestion.

Thanks in advance

Asim Riaz


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