what can be the reason why usrloc module sometimes can read from database, sometimes not?

Normal operation looks ok, the location table is kept up to date. The problem seems to be related with RPC (kamcmd or jsonrpc). For example,

kamcmd ul.dump                      # ok
kamcmd ul.lookup location 6351*1    # ok
kamcmd ul.db_users location         # error: 500 - Failed to use table

Error 500 correlates with syslog entry: ERROR: <core> [db.c:481]: db_use_table(): invalid connection parameter

Who connects where? In my understanding usrloc via core to mysql. I suppose RPC calls do not fail if usrloc can operate on kamailio memory, does that make sense? If so, what usrloc parameter can I tweak to fix error 500 ? I don't find any usrloc parameter regarding db connection.

(Opening another mysql session as user kamailio is no problem, so we re not running out of connections.)

Thanks in advance!

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