As there is no such consistent thing as SBC you may start at first with the definition of the components you whish to have according "sbc" terminology.
The good start is from here:

Then, once you understand exactly what you would like to have on board the best good entry point will be

Going through the config examples and kamailio docs you will be able to find the best way to achieve your needs.

On Tue, 24 Oct 2023, 18:55 Alvaro Escobar via sr-users, <> wrote:

I have Kamailio version 5.6.4.
I have installed rtpengine version
I have the RTP through the kamailio.
The machine has just one NIC and all is working fine.

I would like to have two NICs: One NIC for the private network and other NIC to the public network.
I am looking information about Kamailio operating as an SBC.
Where I can find more detailed technical information ?

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