Send the call trace, that might give some hint.


On Dec 28, 2007 10:15 AM, Arun Kumar <> wrote:

1. Are you updating the port to 5070 for UA B in your configuration.


2. Are you sure that cisco is not blocking incoming traffic for 5070. Maybe its allowing only outgoing traffic.

I've configured my cisco to block udp/tcp 5060 only rest traffic is allowed , that is why I'm able to reg. on port 5070 and call users who are on 5060 but not rev.




On Dec 28, 2007 9:52 AM, Arun Kumar <> wrote:

how do I run ser/openser on multiple ports. ?

I've configured my ser with two listen stat.
listen = ip:5060
listen = ip:5070

UA:5070 -------> Cisco (Blocked 5060) --------> SER -------------> UB:5060

UA is able to call UB, but UB is not able to call UA, I know 5060 is blocked but it should goto 5070 ? please guide on this ?



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