COMer - Programming Language for Component Development


If you are a Windows Programmer, I would like to introduce something interesting to you.

COMer is a native programming language for COM component development.

A COM component can be easily made in COMer as follow: [File:]

#ifndef _MYCOM_CM
#define _MYCOM_CM

 * A COM Class
[ clsid = "{EF6CD47E-B844-4219-B582-6F9FE16D45F6}",
  progid = "Dexterity.MyCom1.1",
  helpstring = "Dexterity Com1 Class",
  export, unhandle ]
com CMyCom1
   * An Interface implemented in this class
  interface IMyInterface
    method SetValue(int dVal)
      m_dValue = dVal;
    method GetDoubleValue(int &dVal)
      dVal = m_dValue << 1;
   * Instance variables
    int m_dValue;


The design of COMer is native to the concept of the Component Object Model (COM) mechanism. COM classes are defined as in the way that COM specifies. Interfaces are specified or defined within a COM class and the methods of the interfaces are defined within the interfaces. It is simple.

A special characteristic of COMer is that the COMer compiler generates C++ source code files as its final outputs. Therefore, you can use C++ code within the COMer classes, like Lex, Yacc or MIDL. To build the component, what you need to do is to specify one more file only to indicate the module of the component to build.

E.g: [File:MyCom.cmdef]

module: inprocsvr
source { }

Then, by the following command line (cmc is the COMer compiler program):

> cmc MyCom.cmdef

COMer compiler will generate the following C++ files:


Finally, you only need to build these C++ files by using the generated makefile by C++ build tools. The component 'MyCom.dll' will then be made. It's so simple!

Lets try it! You will like it!

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