Hi Everyone,


I’m having the same issue but believe it’s related to my network topology.

I have multiple carrier-facing NIC’s and an internal NIC on each media proxy.


Is this configuration supported?


I have the named ‘public / providerA / providerB’ rtpengine interfaces setup and working correctly – media flows as expected when running rtpengine without the kernel module.

When kernel module is in use I get a few seconds of 2-way audio initially before it drops out in one direction usually.


[root@per01-mtp01.dev.xyz blah]# cat /proc/rtpengine/0/list

local inet4 203.x.x.x:40000

    stats:               350880 bytes,                 2040 packets,                    0 errors

        RTP payload type   0:                    0 bytes,                    0 packets

        RTP payload type   8:               350880 bytes,                 2040 packets

    SSRC in: 65aa31af

    output #0

       src inet4 10.y.y.y:40000

       dst inet4 203.x.x.x:39302

SSRC out:


I was also looking to find some config to make this working using firewalld rules, fishing through the Sipwise repos I stumbled across some firewalld rules as part of their automated builds but didn’t have any luck with them

If somebody had some rules I could try would be much appreciated!






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Thank you for your reply.  I checked the versions and they look good.  xt_RTPENGINE is and the daemon is  Looking at /proc/rtpengine/0/list I see the packet and byte counters incrementing normally with 0 errors.  In wireshark, capturing on any, I see the stream coming in on the private network interface but nothing going out through the public network interface.  Everything is good until 5 seconds into the call when the kernelization happens.  

Michel Pelletier



On Mon, Dec 12, 2022 at 2:19 PM Richard Fuchs <rfuchs@sipwise.com> wrote:

On 12/12/2022 14.53, [EXT] Michel Pelletier wrote:
> I am proxying all RTP through RTPEngine.  Everything works fine until
> about 5 seconds into the call, when rtpengine enters kernelization,
> after which all RTP forwarding ceases. I've checked the required
> iptables entries, and all looks good.

Inspect /proc/rtpengine/0/list while a call is running, in particular
paying attention to the packet and byte counters.

Also double check that the version of the rtpengine daemon matches the
version of the kernel module (and that the module has been reloaded if
there have been any upgrades - `dmesg` or `kern.log` are good places to
check that).


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