Hi Juha,

does this mean that after 60 seconds is passed, rtpengine module will
again try to use that RTP proxy, i.e., the RTP proxy does never become
permanently disabled unless disabled by nh_enable_rtpp mi command?

After the timer expiration, the node is retried _before sending a command_ to it (if it's "lucky" to be selected from the set). There is no separate process to do a constant recheck.

The "disabled permanent" is available only through the ctl command and retries never happen for that node; it will still stay "disabled permanent" until you explicitly ctl enable it.

does the this param apply also if all RTP proxies of a set (perhaps
consisting of only one proxy) are unreachable?
It applies for a node in a set, if the command send failed for the selected node or ctl commands pinging failed. So if you have only one node per set, it should apply to it.

The ctl commands:
- "kamctl fifo nh_ping_rtpp" pings the node and if no answer, disables it (temporarily); does nothing when ping succeeds
"kamctl fifo nh_enable_rtpp 1" pings the node and if no answer, disables it (temporarily); enables the node when ping succeeds
"kamctl fifo nh_enable_rtpp 0" disables permanent