this error i get back in Kamailio .log

 TLS accept:error:140890B2:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_CLIENT_CERTIFICATE:no certificate returned

I read on the forum that it can be linphone problem while chacking MS Crl.

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On 25/10/15 13:10, Vladimer Gabunia wrote:
hello all.
we compiled  kamailio with TLS Support.  but have next problem when using CRL Lits.
Our Certificate issuing scheme is follow:
Offline Root CA -> Enterprise SubCA -> Server and Phone Certificate  
CRL list is signed by SubCA.
option  "require client certificate is enables (1) "
When we enable CRL list, phones are not registered.
CA file is offline RootCA   certificate in pem format.
We think that the reason is that СRL was signed by Subca or incorrect CRL format.
CRL is converted from MS CRL to PEM. (What is the format for the CRL)
maybe someone have experiance with similar scenarios?
the readme file of the tls module has some documentation about crl:

You can also try to run with debug=3 in kmailio.cfg and see more debug messages about what happens internally.

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