We started this thread few months ago. Havn't seen any progress since then. Is this still alive.

Thank you,

On Fri, Dec 7, 2007 at 1:05 PM, Mike Trest - Personal <> wrote:
Greger, et. al.,

I like your idea enough to volunteer as a tester + documentation writer.
 I do a lot of  tech and user writing. Active in VoIP since the beginning.

I am active VoIP engineer and developer.  Also PSTN & VoIP network
I have my own private machines, network, and VoIP gateway resources.

Prefer CentOS or FC*


>Hi guys,
>I have been playing with the following idea:
>Create a ready-to-run OS image with everything that is needed for
> apps pre-installed + a complete installation of:
>* SER 2.0 (release)
>* rtpproxy
>* SERweb
>* maybe sipsak, some monitoring tools, etc
>The idea is to create a small script 'config_iptelorg' for
>configuring the installation to your needs.  You should then be able
>to download the ready image, boot it, go through the script and have
>an up and running proxy and app server just like the
> free SIP service in maybe 10-15 minutes. This way you
>could host a SIP service for your own domain with close to no setup at all.
>Some questions to you:
>* Is there any interest for this at all?
>* I was thinking about using Ubuntu 7.10 server as the OS. Any
>* Should the image be an Amazon EC3 image (you could use
> and get it running in no time with 10
>run-hours free) or should it be a VMware appliance to be run with
>free VMware Player?
>* Other suggestions/comments?
>I could need some help with this, anyone interested in lending me a
>hand? (could be anything, documentation, testing, installation, etc)

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