set debug=3 in kamailio.cfg and then start again. You should see a lot of debug messages that should help identifying what is the actual issue -- might be that the path to the script file is wrong, or there are not enough access permissions to read the file.


On 25.01.19 08:18, Prabhat Kumar wrote:
I am getting this error message while starting kamailio.

Enviroment: OS- Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
                    python 2.7

ERROR: app_python [app_python_mod.c:164]: mod_init(): failed to load python script
ERROR: <core> [core/sr_module.c:990]: init_mod(): Error while initializing 
module app_python (/usr/local/lib64/kamailio/modules/app_python.so)



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