to give some more info I used the provided config files instead of my own but still no luck.  The calls just re-transmit and then timeout. i ran the command:
/sipp  -sf  uac_msg.xml  -rsa -m 200000 -r 10000 -d 1 -l 70 -tra

and the error logs showed:
2014-07-30      19:22:38:177    1406748158.177881: Aborting call on UDP retransmission timeout for Call-ID '490-1430@'.

Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 18:13:23 +0000
Subject: [SR-Users] SIPp load testing

I am trying to follow the guide shown here: to load test my kamailio system.
I am a little unclear as to how many instances of sipp are running. For the first part i see the command
 ./sipp -sf uac_msg.xml -rsa -m 200000 -r 10000 -d 1 -l 70
for generating the UAC part but is there another instance of sipp running on the kamailio computer acting as a UAS? I have seen come sites use for example: sipp -sn uas -p 5060 but is this not necessary?

thanks for any help

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