Hey all,

I have a Kamailio implementation (version: kamailio 4.4.1 (x86_64/solaris) 12b048) as part of the Kazoo platform.  I’m having an odd problem with an e2e ACK (after a 200OK after a T38 re-invite), which I’m pretty sure has to do with a Contact header rewrite due to the following (can review attached PCAP for specifics):

    if (nat_uac_test("3")) {

I have a couple of questions about this:

  1. A flag of 3, I don’t understand.  I read the documentation, and there is a 1,2,4,8,etc…  So, I’m guessing that a flag of 3, means 1+2?
  2. If #1 is true, then "the "received" test is used: address in the “Via” header is compared against source IP address of signaling”
    1. I don’t understand this test, as I’m pretty sure that the 200OK that’s getting re-written is properly constructed.  I guess I’m trying to understand when one would want to use this test?