Looking for some advice running the debugger and setting breakpoints in Kamailio modules such as the SCSCF. 

Example: We were trying to watch the authenticate() function:

714 int authenticate(struct sip_msg* msg, char* _realm, char* str2, int is_proxy_auth) {


Our Kamailio 5.2.2 code was compiled and linked from source with the -g option already enabled by default.


We also dropped our Workers to 1 from 16 in the scscf.xml file for the SCSCF to limit the thread count and get the following list of threads below:

We tried the first cdp threads: 8462, 8463, and 8464 and while we could set a break point at line 714 for the authenticate() function, it didn’t actually break there at all.



What pid will we use to catch the authenticate() called during an initial registration from a boghe client?

Anything special we may be missing, gdb related or Kamailio settings?



kamcmd -s /run/kamailio_scscf/kamailio_ctl

kamcmd 1.5

Copyright 2006 iptelorg GmbH

This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

For details type `warranty'.

kamcmd> ps

8456    main process - attendant

8457    udp receiver child=0 sock=

8458    slow timer

8459    timer

8460    secondary timer

8461    ctl handler

8462    cdp worker child=0

8463    cdp receiver peer unknown

8464    cdp_receiver_peer=hss522.irisims.org

8465    cdp_acceptor

8466    cdp_timer

8470    notification_worker

8471    notification_worker

8472    notification_worker

8473    notification_worker




Any advice appreciated.



Martin Woscek