There's another aplication in your host (music player, another softphone,web browser,...) which is using the sound device and since XLite can not use it it stops....I'll follow what the error message suggests:
lsof /dev/dsp

and look for the aplication using the sound device. Once you found it, you sohuld stop it to be able to use XLite.


2007/4/25, Adeyeye Michael <>:
Kindly help me check this:

root@micadeyeye :/usr/src# cd xten-xlite/
root@micadeyeye:/usr/src/xten-xlite# ls
README  xtensoftphone
root@micadeyeye:/usr/src/xten-xlite# ./xtensoftphone
I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/root/.Xscrc"
Warning: /dev/dsp appears to be a valid audio device, but I cannot
         open it.  Please ensure that no other applications are
         using the audio device (perhaps by trying ``lsof /dev/dsp'').

-- Mike

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