Hi All,

I'm ready to work as Volunteer for this project and ready to take any port what ever this group feels good. I'm working with Open Source from last 4 year (*Nix) , 3 Years Cisco and 2 Year Open Source VoIP Asteriks, SER etc. Deployed so many SER in commercial environment (Bingotelecom US, Thincksimplicity CA, Hotel Bloomigton US, Tpad UK and many more to go). Very good experience with Auto Installer. If group feels that I can be worth to this project then I'm ready to take some part.

Kind Regards,


On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 8:23 PM, Greger Viken Teigre <greger@teigre.com> wrote:
Ok, let's clear up some misunderstandings here:
1. This is an open-source project, people contribute where they feel they get the best output for their efforts. This holds for existing contributors, as well as for any person who would like to start contributing. The freedom to just act is one of the great things about open-source...
2. People's time is thus volunteered, not controlled by someone. However, some people, like me, are able to connect shared interests and facilitate efforts not possible by a single individual, and in general, it's quite easy to get people to respond if you have concrete questions.
3. Coordinated efforts, like a release, documentation, and SIP Express Bundle require somebody to create a timeline, coordinate the various efforts, and in effect be a project manager (though more a project coordinator...)
4. Based on signals from various sources, I tried to rally people behind the SIP Express Bundle. To bootstrap that effort, I documented everything (and thus functioned as a project coordinator) at http://www.iptel.org/bundle/project
5. I felt the response on the bundle was quite good, but unfortunately, nobody stepped up as a coordinator. If I had taken that responsibility, my time would effectively be consumed and other activities would suffer.

So, how do we get the Bundle going?  First of all, somebody has to take ownership of http://www.iptel.org/bundle/project, break down tasks, recruit volunteers, and define requirements and questions/issues to resolve. We can create a new project on http://tracker.iptel.org/ to keep track of things.

In that process, there will be questions and problems of technical and other nature.  As the initiator of the bundle project (call it a sponsor if you like), I have committed to act as a "switch", and I will thus help out by answering, connecting, and pushing through decisions in the iptel.org community where I can.

If people have interests in a SIP Express Bundle and are willing to commit time to get it running, we can do this.  If not, and everybody is just waiting for some established developer or contributor to answer their needs, I'm afraid that does not seem likely. Their priorities are probably elsewhere. Unfortunately, similar to commercial organizations, we can only take on more work if we get more resources ;-)

Mike Trest - Personal wrote:
Jai, et. al.

I am still hopeful. 

We appear to be waiting for someone person who is experienced enough to take project leader - coordinator role.

I have been building and learning SER from inside (sources). I have several prototypes running that I have build and have run some testing.  I am approaching the level of experience for deploy & test & documentation for enterprise level folks.

However, I do not yet have the experience to define requirements for a total bundle. For that we need slightly more experienced folks to make some judgements, to put out some proposals, and reach some consensus.

I am still hopeful.


At 01:49 AM 2/14/2008, you wrote:
We started this thread few months ago. Havn't seen any progress since then. Is this still alive.

Thank you,

On Fri, Dec 7, 2007 at 1:05 PM, Mike Trest - Personal <Mike@trest.com> wrote:
Greger, et. al.,

I like your idea enough to volunteer as a tester + documentation writer.
 I do a lot of  tech and user writing. Active in VoIP since the beginning.

I am active VoIP engineer and developer.  Also PSTN & VoIP network
I have my own private machines, network, and VoIP gateway resources.

Prefer CentOS or FC*


>Hi guys,
>I have been playing with the following idea:
>Create a ready-to-run OS image with everything that is needed for
>iptel.org apps pre-installed + a complete installation of:
>* SER 2.0 (release)
>* rtpproxy
>* SERweb
>* maybe sipsak, some monitoring tools, etc
>The idea is to create a small script 'config_iptelorg' for
>configuring the installation to your needs.  You should then be able
>to download the ready image, boot it, go through the script and have
>an up and running iptel.org proxy and app server just like the
>iptel.org free SIP service in maybe 10-15 minutes. This way you
>could host a SIP service for your own domain with close to no setup at all.
>Some questions to you:
>* Is there any interest for this at all?
>* I was thinking about using Ubuntu 7.10 server as the OS. Any
>* Should the image be an Amazon EC3 image (you could use
>http://www.rightscale.com and get it running in no time with 10
>run-hours free) or should it be a VMware appliance to be run with
>free VMware Player?
>* Other suggestions/comments?
>I could need some help with this, anyone interested in lending me a
>hand? (could be anything, documentation, testing, installation, etc)

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