I'm testing Kamailio as a presence server with configuration suggested by https://kb.asipto.com/kamailio:presence:k43-blf tutorial.

When I set presence module subs_db_mode setting to 0 or 2 (did not test with 1 and 3 seemed to have no problems) I was getting "DEBUG: presence [notify.c:1234]: publ_notify(): Could not find subs_dialog" message after Kamailio received some PUBLISH requests. And NOTIFY is not being generated. It appears to be a mistake. There should be an active watcher according to Expires header values of the previous SUBSCRIBE request and the response to it. I could not find how to get the list of active watchers from Kamailio memory. Is it possible or it can be done only by adding extra debug line in get_subs_dialog function?

Also I found that after setting pua module db_mode setting to 0, Kamailio is still writing records to presentity table. And it is constantly queried "select `username`,`domain`,`etag`,`event` from `presentity` where `expires`<1576584910 AND `expires`>0 order by username" during the run time. Is it correct behavior?

Thank a lot!