Hi padmaja,
Running openser from cvs would not solve your problem. Openser from cvs is the development version which will be released after final testing is done.
To be safe, its better if you use .tar.gz file to install. For enabling mysql, go to the openser directory and you'll find a makefile. In the makefile there is a line exclude_modules?= somewhere around line no.49. From there just remove mysql and recompile it again.
You can start openser using openserctl start from the command line.
To check for some errors you can set debug=9 in the openser.cfg file.
Normally the logs are stored into /var/log/messages. You can check for errors in this file.

there is something I need to mention here with respect to openser not

Initially I had openser installed from .tar.gz and i could run it from
/usr/local/sbin/openser. It worked fine that way without any authentication.
I could see local registration of my sip UAs with the openser being
successful. then i set up mysql. It too started successfulyy thru webmin.
next I tried to create the openser database in mysql from
/usr/sbin/openser_mysql.sh create. It prompted me for the root password of
mysql, the domain name and then failed stating that the Ha1 calculation
failed. also when i tried to modify the openser.cfg file to support mysql
database i found that there is no mysql.so module in the
/usr/local/lib/openser/modules/ path.

Because of the above problems, I tried installing openser from CVS and here
all the modules and configuration files are present in the respective
locations as mentioned in the web link for installing openser. I could even
create the openser database structures in mysql. i tried uncommenting the
needed modules for database suppport. now when i try to run openser thru
monit, there is absolutely no response and openser does not look like

I am a newbie at openser......please help me which way i should run

thanks and regards,

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