2014-02-19 8:50 GMT+01:00 Klaus Darilion <klaus.mailinglists@pernau.at>:
Just re-reading this old thread I wonder how the first NOTIFY should be sent? The NOTIFY needs some route headers to sned the first notify.

Thus, I suspect that the notifier should use an "early route set" to send the first NOTIFY (learnt from the RR headers in the SUBSCRIBE) and further NOTIFYs should use the route set learnt from the RR headers in the response to the first NOTIFY.

Is this correct?

The problem is that subscription dialogs are created *after* the first NOTIFY is received by the SUBSCRIBE originator (instead of being created after receipt of the 200 OK), and thus the proxy MUST add Record-Route in the NOTIFY requests (which of course are an in-dialog requests).

In case of INVITE, the dialog is created with the receipt of the 1XX or 200, so adding Record-Route to in-dialog requests (i.e. the ACK, UPDATE, re-INVITE...) is useless.

IƱaki Baz Castillo