I made some progress. As I stated before, I made a patch and submitted to git branch misi/dns_srv.
I tested with dns cache. It works for me.

I made it also available for case if "no dns cache" is used too,
but it isn't tested yet.

Please review my commit, and let me know if any corrections needed.
Any suggestion, comment highly appreciated!

Please also let me know even if you find my code OK and i can merge it to the master.

Current status:
If there is no NAPTR record then based on the dns_protocol_pref scores it sort the list of the sr supported protocols,  and it tries protocols to resolve SRV.
It stops the loop and returns, if it founds the first most preferred and available/so DNS SRV exists for the protocol/ record.

I will appreciate if anyone can help me to explain how can i made future progress with this SRV issue.
My problem is, that i don't know how to iterate and fallback to other preferred and available protocols, so keep the state of the failed protocols.
How can i save state and fallback if the access the remote side with the currently selected SRV protocol failed so fall back to second,third.. available and preferred protocol.

Many thanks,

On 2012-11-05 15:03, Klaus Darilion wrote:
Indeed, this is not implemented correctly.

If you fix it, the question is: what should be used if there are SRV records for UDP and TCP?

AFAIK there is already a configuration option to choose the respective NAPTR records according to local priority. These config options could be reused.

See dns_udp_pref/dns_tcp_pref/... options in doc/dns.txt


On 29.10.2012 16:33, MÉSZÁROS Mihály wrote:
Hi All,

I am experiencing an issue when i try to contact xy@cisco.com.
I found that kamailio/sip-router can't resolve by default resolving way
a TCP + SRV records from domain cisco.com.

e.g. cisco.com

    misi@alma:~$ host -t NAPTR cisco.com
    cisco.com has no NAPTR record
    misi@alma:~$ host -t SRV _sip._udp.cisco.com
    Host _sip._udp.cisco.com not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
    misi@alma:~$ host -t SRV _sip._tcp.cisco.com
    _sip._tcp.cisco.com has SRV record 1 0 5060 vcsgw.cisco.com.
    misi@alma:~$ host -t SRV _sips._tcp.cisco.com
    _sips._tcp.cisco.com has SRV record 1 0 5061 vcsgw.cisco.com.

I can't call xy@cisco.com because it does not exists an NAPTR record in
domain cisco.com,
and furthermore no SRV with udp.

But it exists sip+tcp record
and also exists an secure sip SRV, so sips+tcp record!

I read rfc3263
I find kamailio dns resolver is not working as it should according RFC3263.


    _If no NAPTR records are found, the client constructs SRV queries
    for those transport protocols it supports, and does a query for each._

So kamailio should query all (udp, tcp, tls, sctp whatever) protocols.

Can anyone help/guide me to create a fix to this issue?
My plan is to create a patch to kamailio resolver, to correct and behave
according RFC3263.

Any help or guidance appreciated!


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