On Montag, 28. September 2009, inge wrote:
> 40MB x Number of child ? isn't it ?
> So the parameter can be set to "40 x 1024 x 1024" ?
> The database contains something than 4500 users. The server runs with
> 4GB of memory.

Hi Inge,

ok, then i think that 40 MB is a bit too much for you, 10MB should be really more then enough. But you could nevertheless set it to this value. FYI, in later versions of kamailio (i also think SER) the usrloc module contains logic to partion the data loading, that its not necessary to increase the memory pool anymore, regardless how many subscribers you've.

> How many users do you have on your server ?

Somewhat more then two million users (not subscriber). ;) But we've use a patched usrloc for this.