I took the time to revise the old reported issue and I am having difficulty to understand what is left unfixed. There were some issue in matching the old records in database for db_update_ucontact_addr() in various mach modes, which should be fixed with the commit e8a795a.

For db_mode_ruid=1, the matching is done on ruid column, thus db_update_ucontact_ruid() should result in one affected row if the same ruid value is found. I expect that at least expires and last_modifield fields will have different values.

Devel version has the option to set CLIENT_FOUND_ROWS to mysql connection to return matched rows instead of changed rows when doing UPDATE:

Maybe that can be made default.

Otherwise, I am not sure what else needs to be fixed. If you still think there is an issue, add new details here, explaining the case again. From the old issue on sip-router.org tracker is nothing I found to be fixed anymore.

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