I want to announce the next Kamailio Development Workshop, to take place in Paris, France, during July 9-10, 2014.

This event is the next in its series targeting to show the internals of Kamailio and enable more people to become developers as well as let users of Kamailio to get more knowledge about the design of the application which can have relevant impact in operating deployment.

Be aware that it is not a workshop about Kamailio installation and administration. Its content is about writing C code to extend Kamailio. More details can be found at:

- http://www.kamailio.org/w/2014/06/kamailio-development-workshop-july-9-10-2014-paris-france/

Similar to the past events, we are considering to have a social networking event in the evening of July 9 (most probably a dinner meetup at a nice place in Paris), which is open for everyone, each participant taking care of own expenses.

Daniel-Constantin Mierla - http://www.asipto.com
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