On 11/19/12 10:18 AM, MÉSZÁROS Mihály wrote:
Hi Daniel,

On 2012-11-14 12:51, Daniel-Constantin Mierla wrote:

On 11/12/12 10:50 AM, MÉSZÁROS Mihály wrote:

I made some progress. As I stated before, I made a patch and submitted to git branch misi/dns_srv.
I tested with dns cache. It works for me.

I made it also available for case if "no dns cache" is used too,
but it isn't tested yet.

Please review my commit, and let me know if any corrections needed.
if nobody does it meanwhile, I can look over it next week and also check properly what's all about this discussion, currently being out of the office.

After you had time to review it, please let me know your thoughts.
unfortunately I had no time to look at it yet. Hopefully I will find some soon.

Btw, is it complete? IIRC, I saw something like it still has to be extended.

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