I'm using kamailio 4.4 as sipcapture for homer 5 and the SIP and RTCP capture is working. I have the data on the DB and homer show me all I want, but one thing: the diversion headers. I just tested again with kamailio 4.4 nighly for debian 7.

To be more precise, the diversion headers are correctly sent by hep encapsulation as I can see them into the "msg" fields of my captured SIP INVITE rows. But the diversion data is not inserted into the corresponding "diversion" field, and therefore is not searchable by Homer.

I have no insertion errors on the DB side, and the INSERT statements debug shows me that the value is always empty, while I have a "Diversion: sip:XXXXXXXXX@192.168.XX.X;reason=unconditional" into the msg field.

If you need some logs to help track, feel free to ask me.

Thank you for your help.

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