I am using kamailio

I have developed one custom function in module, and also create one custom structure to store database recordset.

What I would like to do is...

1] I have structure say struct record and it has variable
          struct record {
               int id;
               char name;
               db_res_t *res;
2] Execute one query and store result into "db_res" variable of db_res_t datatype;
3] Now I would like to preserve 'n in future i will use this recordset.. so how can i store this "db_res" variable into structure variable.

I have tried using below syntax...

struct record rec[2];

db_res = get_record( "pass_any_query" );
rec[0].res = db_res;

But when I used this rec[0].res in future it gives garbage value.

Any Idea...???


Chandrakant Solanki