Hi @henningw ,

I certainly do use reg_fetch_contacts to fetch all the Contacts of a caller/callee, it provides access to all the location parameters of a Contact (aor, addr, path, received, e.t.c) and that works fine.

Here's the general Lookup flow I use:

  1. reg_fetch_contacts("location"); exposes Contact's profile in $ulc pseudo-variable
  2. registered("location"); exposes extra attributes from location_attr in $xavp(ulattrs)

The name of XAVP storing the attributes per Contact
modparam("tm|usrloc", "xavp_contact", "ulattrs")

My quarrel is with the extra attributes. I can't find a way to reload/refresh them at runtime. I have to alter the records in DB table location_attrs then restart Kamailio.

Having db_load=1 loads all Contacts & Attributes on restart, so I thought - may be the function that does that on restart can do the same thing on-demand in some rpc?


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