to save some effort -- the generated readme files can be pushed all at once if they are too many.

The plan is to generate them on kamailio.org and push them based on cron.d, so the devs will only change the xml files. I discussed a bit with Victor Seva at kamailio.org to do this, but we haven't gotten there yet.


On 31/05/16 16:54, Olle E. Johansson wrote:

I noticed that the link to the bug tracker was wrong in our Docbook XML entities and re-generated all READMEs.

To my surprise, a lot of them contains new parameters, new text and new functions - stuff that was committed
to the XML files, but not to the text file README. I noticed while going through all the diff’s.

Prepare for a long series of commits. And when you update the XML docs, please update the README.

In worst case, I may have to do this twice, so that our 4.4 docs are also current with the code and the XML files.

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