On Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2009, Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul wrote:
> > > I remember that Miklos changes in the last week something in the cfg
> > > framework, perhaps its related to this?
> Should be fixed now (at least the config changes are still seen on exit
> by all the processes and mi_fifo does not crash).
> > It's my patch so I'm responsible :-)
> > It is related to it. The 0 pointer crash is intentional and it
> > should signal that someone uses cfg_update() on a process not registered
> > for config framework use.
> > Unfortunately my patch added a cfg_update() on process exit (to make
> > sure they have the latest update values of the debug, memlog and
> > memdebug) and I failed to account for kamailio modules that fork
> > processes.
> >
> > So I'll either disable the 0-crash (which has the disadvantage that in
> > the future one might try to use the cfg. framework without proper
> > intialization and it would seem to work at least for some of the vars =>
> > difficult debugging), remove the cfg_update() on exit (no memlog, debug
> > update in some cases) or come up with something else.
> > Another alternative would be to update all the k modules, but I want to
> > avoid it since they don't use the cfg framework yet and it would
> > introduce a lot of extra testing before a release.
> In the end, I just added a special update call, that is used only on
> process exit, before dumping memory debugging info.

Thanks Andrei,

it not crashes anymore now.