On 06/02/2013 15:16, Henning Westerholt wrote:
Am Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013, 13:55:41 schrieb Charles Chance:
as the original author of the module I'd think that changing or replacing
the existing module would be the way to go. So far I'd not recieved that
much of bug reports against the existing module. And as Alex Balashov also
mentioned recently, there are some other issues with the current library.

If existing users need to stay with the old module, its available in the 
git and the existing releases, for the new release we should go with a 
module which supports the newer library.

It would be nice if you could stay with the existing PV API, which I
modelled somehow after the htable module. If you need to change something,
just announce it on the devel list and ask for feedback.

We have indeed used the module in the past with no issues - so thank you for
writing and sharing :)

Very happy to stay with existing PVs if possible. The only thing I'd like to
see different is to set value and expiry at the same time, instead of
having to set value, then alter expiration. This has to be better than
setting a value with some default expiry, getting that same value back
again, then re-setting the value once more with a different expiry?

Could this be implemented at PV level? Something like $mct(key:expiry) =
value? And if expiry is omitted, we use default set in params.
Hi Charles,

thanks, good to know that you use it. :-) With regards to the expiry value, 
yes I think this could be implemented like this. Just one remark, the syntax 
that other PVs uses is "=>", like in 

Then it would be $mct(key=>expiry) = value

Best regards,

Henning Westerholt

We now have an updated memcached module, working with libmemcached and also with the added ability to (optionally) specify expiry in the format $mct(key=>expiry).

How do we get these changes pushed back into the master?




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