I looked a bit and dst uri is not saved directly in the transaction branch structure, so there needs to be a larger patch involved to add this enhancement.

Is this fact the reason why $du does not hold the last used value in subsequent runs of the branch_failure_route? Example:

branch_route[PROVIDER_BRANCH] {
    xlog("L_NOTICE", "--- SCRIPT_PROVIDER_BRANCH: Will try setting dialog profile for du: $du\n");
    set_dlg_profile("outbound_providers", "$(du{uri.param,xdesc})");

event_route[tm:branch-failure:PROVIDER_FAILOVER] {
    xlog("L_NOTICE", "--- SCRIPT_PROVIDER_FAILOVER: Will try unsetting dialog profile for du: $du\n");

    unset_dlg_profile("outbound_providers", "$(du{uri.param,xdesc})");

	if (t_is_canceled()) exit;

    # next DST - only for 5xx or local timeout
    if ( t_check_status("5[[:digit:]]+") || (t_branch_timeout() && !t_branch_replied()) ) {
        if ( ds_next_dst() ) {
            xlog("L_NOTICE", "--- SCRIPT_PROVIDER_FAILOVER: A failover destination was selected: Forwarding to $du\n");
        } else {
            xlog("L_NOTICE", "--- SCRIPT_PROVIDER_FAILOVER: Giving Up. Negative response will be sent upstream.\n");

In this case, when the first branch fails, unset_dlg_profile will work (dst_uri was set in other route, not shown here).

Then the branch failure route will select the next $du as a result of ds_next_dst, and indeed a new branch is relayed to the next dst_uri.

If this second branch also fails, however, $du holds the initial dst_uri (of the first branch) when tm:branch-failure is executed a second time.

Sorry for tainting this thread if this is an unrelated issue.

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