Hi, I'm using Siremis 3.2 ans Kamailio 3.2.3

I would like to know how Siremis and Kamailio work together? Like:

If I decide to set a protocol in the acl trusted in Siremis like TLS, ok, it works well !! 
But I need to know the different links between siremis and kamailio to working well.. Why?

Cause I need to implement in Siremis a choise form about the sdpops module, and it has to work well of course with the database of ser!

So.. What are the diffrent steps to do this? 

- Create new table sdpops in ser
- create the form in siremis and view ..
- what in kamailio.cfg??

Thanks in advance

Best regards
Grégoire Vandendeurpel, 

IT Sector