On Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2009, Daniel-Constantin Mierla wrote:
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Hi Daniel,

> > > I could then import them with full history all at once.
> >
> > The utils directory content is also missing.
> I think this one needs a bit of cleanup and moved under tools folder as
> well. Perhaps kamunix can be moved within tools/kamctl, being used by
> that one.
> Henning, any idea what db_berkeley and db_oracle in utils/ offer? I
> never used them... maybe we can give better names, to reflect what they
> do, instead of db module name.

In db_berkeley is a recovery tool for crash recovery or something like this, should be used from the admin. The db_oracle contains a basic command line client as replacement for SQLplus, i think, this is used from the oracle (db)ctl scripts.

> doc/dbschema and doc/database - Henning, here is your call.

doc/database is an empty directory that is only used for the generated database documentation, thus there is nothing to import. The doc/dbschema contains the XSL schemes that are used to generate the SQL/ database sources, the table docs and this experimental code generation stuff that is used from a few modules.