I have a situation that I can't get my head around. Every so often I have a SCA seized and I need to manually release it. Here is the log of the sca and bye from the event logs.

messages-20150920:Sep 18 14:35:28 sip-registrar /usr/sbin/kamailio[7608]: ERROR: sca [sca_call_info.c:1580]: sca_call_info_bye_handler(): sca_call_info_bye_handler: sip:Mindfield@kamailio.newgarllc.com dialog leg 96b9ad37-9a7fa462-15c35d3@;1c389191866 is not active

messages-20150920:Sep 18 14:35:28 sip-registrar /usr/sbin/kamailio[7610]: NOTICE: acc [acc.c:317]: acc_log_request(): ACC: transaction answered: timestamp=1442601328;method=BYE;from_tag=76C3EC1F-114D759A;to_tag=1c389191866;call_id=96b9ad37-9a7fa462-15c35d3@;code=200;reason=OK;src_user=Mindfield;src_domain=kamailio.newgarllc.com;src_ip=;dst_ouser=Mindfield;dst_user=Mindfield;dst_domain=

And the kamcmd showing the seize line (in this case both are seized)

sip:Mindfield@kamailio.newgarllc.com 1 active 1442601278 sip:Mindfield@ sip:1030@ 96b9ad37-9a7fa462-15c35d3@ 76C3EC1F-114D759A 1c389191866

I am running Kamailio 4.2.6. The phones are Polycom VVX 310/410 running 5.3.1. And the PSTN gateway is an Audiocodes Mediant 1000 running 6.60A.292.001.

The call volume is light so I don't think there is a lot of traffic but there is about 16 phones one SCA. It is not happening all time. Could be a couple days that nothing happens and then there could be a couple days that it happens multiple times a day. I can't find a common element that would be causing this unless the 'bye' is closing the call before the SCA has a chance to do something with it.


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