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the best will be a grep over tm sources and if not found there, drop it from docs. Sometimes the docs and sources gets desynchronized, so a double check is recommended.

It is still in the code. The question is if the comment about ser 2.1 is valid and that we can remove the timer since it is never used. I can't judge that myself.



On 8/22/12 7:00 PM, Olle E. Johansson wrote:
According to the 3.3 docs, this function in the  module is no longer needed. Is this correct?
If so, should someone remove it?

Hmm. All mentions of  gets automatically converted to a trademark sign in my mailer. I mean the T M Module :-)

1.4.6. delete_timer (integer)

Time after which a to-be-deleted transaction currently ref-ed by a process will be tried to be deleted again (in milliseconds).

Note: this parameter is obsolete for ser 2.1 (in 2.1 the transaction is deleted the moment it's not referenced anymore).

Default value is 200 milliseconds.

Example 6. Set delete_timer parameter

modparam("tm", "delete_timer", 100)

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