[SR-Users] about xml rpc response behavior

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 07:43:40 CEST 2016


the concern I have is that the return in the params of the result should
be data, not a response code embedded in a form or another.

For example, if you do rpc list dispatcher records, then there is no
return code, just the list of the records. The command was successful as

If the command is to reload the dispatcher records, then it is indeed no
data returned. But the http return code is 200ok.

I don't see a benefit in embedded the return code in the returned
structure, in my opinion that is not the purpose of the rpc response
structure. If there is an error, then the fault code is returned, based
on xmlrpc specs.

If there are people that want to embed return code, I am fine as long as:

- that is made a configuration option.
- it is made consistent somehow across all commands, so one would know
what to expect.

I would also try to see if other well established applications (not sip
related) do for similar cases with rpc.


On 01/04/16 14:20, Yasin CANER wrote:
> Hello;
>     Xml rpc is useful module for kamailio that improve flexibility and
> can help to addons. But there is a little problem about it when use
> non-value response that reply  empty xml or no response so there isnt
> ack about what happened after command sends. at least need a "OK" for
> acknowledgement. i can accept that there is a fault reply and it is
> useful with return code and description. after looking
> http://xmlrpc.scripting.com/spec.html webpage , there isnt any spec
> about "OK" . if you ask where it uses; For example , after module
> reloads or terminating dialog which callid. I think it is good when
> realtime reload in Kamailio Version 5 can be reload by remotly. it can
> reply which module reloaded correctly , which doesnt.What do you think
> about it?
> Thanks
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