[SR-Users] Kazoo db_url required?

Asgaroth 00asgaroth00 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 13:55:40 CEST 2015

I ended up looking at the source for Kazoo, and there appears to be a 
"pua_mode" parameter which defaults to 1, I added

modparam("kazoo", "pua_mode", 0)

And I am now able to start kamailio without kazoo connecting to the 
presence tables.

This parameter is not documented in the Kazoo module docs.

Is this the correct way of disabling the presence db connection for the 
kazoo module?

I am not a C developer by any stretch, so any tips would be appreciated.


On 28/09/2015 13:20, Asgaroth wrote:
> Hi,
> I am doing some tests with the kazoo module, I only want to use it for 
> some amqp related tasks.
> In our particular case, we do not require kazoo to hook into the 
> presence tables, however, if I do *not* set the db_url parameter for 
> kazoo, then kamailio fails to start with the following error:
> /usr/sbin/kamailio[11557]: CRITICAL: kazoo [kazoo.c:361]: 
> mod_child_init(): child_init: database not bound
> /usr/sbin/kamailio[11557]: ERROR: <core> [sr_module.c:900]: 
> init_mod_child(): Error while initializing module kazoo 
> (/usr/lib64/kamailio/modules/kazoo.so)
> Is it possible to run the kazoo module without specifying the db_url 
> parameter, we only need it for sending/recieving amqp messages.
> Additionally, I noticed that the amqp_connection parameter has a max 
> limit of 50 characters, is it possible to increase this at all? I had 
> a case where my url was 64 characters long and kazoo would fail with 
> max character limit exceeded for the module parameter.
> Any tips much appreciated.
> Thanks

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